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Welcome to the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District (BRSSD) Online Enrollment Form
Please print this page as a guide to the student enrollment process.

2024-2025 Enrollment: The enrollment form for the 2023-2024 school year is now open. Please refer to the 2024-2025 Enrollment Timeline on the BRSSD website for information on how to submit supplemental documents.

2023-2024 Enrollment: 
The enrollment form for the 2023-2024 school year is open. Please enroll using this form and then book an appointment to submit supplemental documents.

Completing this Online Enrollment Form is the first step of a three-step process to enroll your child(ren) into our school district.  The Online Enrollment Form contains prompts to guide you through.  We recommend running this through Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari web browsers.  Older versions of Internet Explorer may experience issues.

FIRST STEP:  You must have an email address to establish and verify your account to enroll online. After creating your account and verifying it via email, click the link provided to return to the enrollment form to continue the process.


SECOND STEP: Enter your child(ren)’s enrollment information.  Please note the following guidelines:

  1. For your student’s name, enter the name as it appears on the birth certificate or passport.  Include the middle name, if given.
  2. Grade:  BRSSD follows the age eligibility guidelines set by the California Department of Education: 
    • Transitional Kindergarten:  
      • 2023-24 Student will be five years old from September 2 to April 2 of the year of enrollment. 
      • 2024-25 Student will be five years old from September 2 to April 2 of the year of enrollment. 
    • Kindergarten:  Student will be five years old on or before September 1 of the year of enrollment.
    • First Grade:  Student will be six years old on or before September 1 of the year of enrollment.
  3. Use these standard postal abbreviations:  Ave   Blvd   Ct   Dr   Ln   Pkwy   Pl   Rd   St   Way.  
    • For the address field, do NOT use any punctuation, special symbols or labels (e.g., #, Apt).
  4. For the full parent/guardian name field, use the following format when entering name(s):
    • Two parents with the same last name:  Joseph / Lindsey Gore
    • Two parents with different last names:  Joseph Gore / Lindsey Smith
    • One parent/guardian:  Joseph Gore
  5. Select the Enrollment Period you are enrolling in:
    • 1st Enrollment Period: January 24, 2024 - March 15, 2024
    • 2nd Enrollment Period:  March 18, 2024 - May, 15, 2024
    • 3rd Enrollment Period:  May 16, 2024 - ongoing (Select 3rd Enrollment Period for 2023-2024.)
  6. In the language questions, if you answer in a language besides “English”, please complete this Informal Primary Language Survey.  Return this along with your other enrollment documents.  Informal Primary Language Survey.
  7. After printing the Enrollment Confirmation pages, please complete and sign the bottom of the form.
  8. If you are enrolling 2 or more students, the system will allow you to enroll additional children after you’ve clicked “Finished and Submit”.

THIRD STEP:  Required enrollment documents:

  1. Parent/Guardian’s Driver’s License (other personal picture identifications are accepted)
  2. Student’s ORIGINAL birth certificate, birth record, passport, baptism certificate, or an affidavit of the parent/guardian/custodian verifying the student's age
  3. Immunization record (polio, DTP, measles, mumps, rubella, Hepatitis B, varicella).  TDaP is required for 7th and 8th graders.  TB is optional.  See Immunization Requirements.  
    • All immunization records must be translated to English by your health care provider PRIOR to your enrollment appointment.  You will not be able to complete the enrollment process until immunization records are translated.
  4. Physical exam – FIRST GRADE ENROLLMENTONLY (mandatory within 18 months prior to entering 1st grade, so exams dated AFTER March 1st, 2021)  Health Examination Form

  5. Proof of Residency Documents – two parts:

    1. ORIGINAL utility documents from two (2) different sources.  Installation papers, confirmation of service letters, and e-bills are acceptable.  Standard utility companies/services are PGE, water, garbage, cable TV/internet/satellite service, and land phone line.
    2. One of the following:

      • Parents who are homeowners: ORIGINAL Grant Deed or CURRENT property tax bill or payment receipt.  This must show the owner's name and address.
      • Parents who are renters:  CURRENT rental or lease agreement or payment receipt (Month-to-month rentals/leases must be noted as such on agreements. Expired agreements will not be accepted.)
      • Shared living arrangements: Must complete BOTH (2) of the following:

        • Grant Deed, property tax bill, current rental or lease agreement of person with whom you are living, AND
        • Notarized Verification of Residency Form  Verification of Residence FormAND
        • Two utility bills or other documents that show your name with this address on it. 

Now, to get started, click the Enroll a New Student button. 

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